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Chinese Donut

The most traditional breakfast item. Typically eaten by dipping in soy milk.

Sesame Flatbread

Flaky hollow sesame bread.

Rice Roll

Sticky rice wrapped around a Chinese Donut. Available as Salty, Sweet, or Vegetarian.

Egg Omelet

Taiwanese style omelet. Green onion egg wrapped in a crispy skin.

Daikon Radish Cake

Chinese Pancake

Flatbread Sandwich

Filled with Beef or Pork. Try with sour pickles.


Monrovia location only - coming soon

Menu Choices


Menu Choices

Soy Milk

Made fresh daily with non-GMO soybeans. Available hot or cold.

Peanut Milk

A popular alternative to soy milk. Rich, dense, peanut flavor.

Soybean Pudding

Also known as douhua. Made from the same non-GMO soybeans as the soy milk. Served plain, sweet or salty.